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Today organizations are under pressure to enhance their productivity and gain competitive edge in global market. They are called up to strengthen financial viability, discharge environmental & social responsibilities and be accountable to customers, employees, regulatory bodies and the public for their decisions & actions.
Grant and issue the certificate to the client under the following criterion:
  • The client has a documented Management system that is laid in accordance to its scope of certification and that it conforms to the requirements of the applicable Management System Standard as mentioned above.
  • The Client has completed at least one cycle of internal audit and management review of the management system established.
  • Both internal audit and management review have been found effective as assessed.
  • The client has paid all the dues including the certification fee.
  • The client shall keep a record of all complaints and actions taken.
  • The client has undergone the stage-1 and stage-2 audits satisfactory and the recommendation of the audit team is favorable
Certification Agreement
On acceptance of the Quotation, this certification agreement is signed between granter and the client for providing certification of the client’s management system by the Organisation to the applicable international standard.
Stage –1 Audit & Document Review
Pre- Audit (optional)
Stage –2 Audit
Non-Conformity Report
Recommendation for Certification
Issue of certificate
Surveillance Audit
Re-certification Audit
Special Audit
Notice of Changes by the Organisation
Notice of Changes by the client
The Certification is maintained for a period of 3 years under the following conditions.
  • The Surveillance Audits are conducted as planned and the client has demonstrated that it continues to satisfy the requirements of the management system standard as confirmed by the Organisation.
  • All the non-conformance raised during previous surveillance are closed within the time frame agreed and correction and corrective actions for the non conformities raised during the current audit are identified and accepted by the Organisation as per conditions specified in section 2.5 of this agreement.
  • The Internal Audit and the management reviews are conducted as scheduled and there are no issues pending.

    The client shall maintain suitable records of customer complaints and keep the records of investigation and remedial actions taken with respect to such complaints for verification by the Organisation auditors.
  • All outstanding dues to the Organisation are paid.
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